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Fossnes Center

The time is running very fast and its hard to find a free time and the right motivation to write a new post - aspecially when I want to tell about things witch happend more then month ago.
so... I will try to do it fast ;] sorry for all grammar mistakes, but if I'll pay my attention on it will take next 2 month to upload a new post...

and now some fakts about Fossnes!!!

place in the middle of the forrest, the nearest shop is in Stokke - about 6 kilometers from here
in the past was a place for mental handicaped people
now is a place for a refugees from all parts of the world.

I live in a flat with 4bedrooms, kitchen, diningroom, livingroom and toilet/shower :)
There are washing machine for clothes and a garden. We recycle paper, glass&metal, plastic, organic waste and general waste separetly ;]
I'm sharing the flat together with Andreas who works here and Delphine - other volounteer from France. My neighbours are Hanna (Finland), Maria(Norway) &Lucy(Scotland).
Its 3mins walk from Stella Polaris.

Tønsberg is the closest
big town(20 mins). The most peole think instantly about fjords, mountains
and northern lights...these naturalistic wonders are about 15 hours away
from us. Vestfold is a greenish area with farming, viking history, culture
and spots for summer houses.

Fossnes Center is a school house and area arround with circuis tent and travage, whitch is main working place of Stella.

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