piątek, 21 sierpnia 2009


The first post is probably the most difficult to write, because the beginnings are always hard. There are so many things I would like to express and it is very complicated to put them all in some kind of a frame.So I will try to pick up the pieces of the puzzle, make order in my mind and write it down.


Oslo it's beautyfull. I new about it before, but now it have even more colours, because of the pepole witch I've just met. Reprezentation of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Lithuana, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Georgia and Belgia meet for one month in Stella Polaris for prepare a greatfull performance called "when the dead awakes".
First three days : guiding , guiding, guiding... and of course making photos ( I thing we where much more effective then japanese tourists)

Viking Ship Museum

Norwegian Folk Museum

On a board...

...with the Oslo Townhall in background
Frogner Park

Lunch time

Oslo future Postcards ;]

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